A few words of introduction

Over 800 mobile operators today compete in an increasingly mature market spanning more than 200 countries. In the majority of countries the voice market has reached its peak and the focus has shifted to data and the delivery of mobile broadband services and applications.

The move towards data has resulted in a requirement for a new wave of capital investment as networks strive to put in place the capacity needed to meet the resulting rapid growth in data traffic.

Operators are increasingly looking towards the sale of elements of their infrastructure, such as towers and transmission and to collaboration and infrastructure sharing with their competitors. This new dynamic of embracing collaboration and partnering whilst simultaneously competing with other mobile operators is the industry’s new dynamic. For shareholders or operators who are subscale, it offers the prospect of much enhanced returns.

Consilior Partners approach to assignments is to provide executive level and board level strategic advice, and where necessary, leverage a network of experienced industry experts for more complex assignments which embrace implementation.

Consilior Partners is an advisory firm which specializes in investigating and eveloping the opportunity for collaboration and partnering between mobile operators in Asia, Africa and Middle East.